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Bat house installation and Bat removal  experts getting rid of bats from  residential and commercial buildings in the New Orleans area as well as Covington, Mandeville, Hammond and Slidell! If you want to purchase a bat house from a local guy - you’ll want to buy one here!

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Bats inside  or outside your home? We can help! Download our bat handbook!

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We sell and install bat houses!


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Parker Wildlife Control is a full service wildlife control company. We have many branches of the company, this one focuses on internet sales of bat houses and  other merchandise.

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This whole website is a labor of love and it is never done. If you see anything missing or in a foreign language you can bet it will not be that way for long - check back soon!

At Parker Wildlife Control it’s all about the wildlife! If you have purchased a bat house and want us to install it for you, let us know!

We know how to install it, and set it up in the best, most bat friendly way. We can even scent it with guano to encourage your new bat colony or “guests” to spend the night.

Some people do not want bats, especially living in the same house. We remove them bats from the walls and attic. People wonder how we get them out and often they wonder why we charge the amount of money that we do.

In an effort to help those folks who need to know HOW we do it - I have set myself to writing a series of Do it yourself wildlife control guides/handbooks, including my first one DIY Bat Control. You can find this popular E-book in many places but the best place is right here - on our website.

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