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Bat house installation and Bat removal  experts getting rid of bats from  residential and commercial buildings in the New Orleans area as well as Covington, Mandeville, Hammond and Slidell! If you want to purchase a bat house from a local guy - you’ll want to buy one here!

Experienced  Bat control experts!

Bats flying around

in your house!

Bats inside  or outside your home? We can help! Download our bat handbook!

Bats flying  out

of your house!

We sell and install bat houses!


So you want to put one up yourself!

Although we can all do just about anything by ourselves I recommend you at least get a helper. They can go for drinks or stop a board from falling on your head!

Bat removal Alert

If you have bats flying out from the eaves of the house or if you notice bats flying out of the peak of your home do not think it is impossible to get rid of them. Getting rid of bats is easy if you know how. Be sure to download our E-book.

After reading it you may want to hire a professional. We will have a list of professionals here for you to check out, until then you can call me direct at any time. 504-338-7517 I can direct you to a bat professional just about anywhere in the country.

If your seeing bats flying around a bat house you put up yourself consider taking some pics for us - we love to see readers bat house pictures - especially from New Orleans. You can buy a bat house here and have us put it up for you when it comes in.

Installing a bat house at about 5 feet off the ground is easy, you just nail it to  a tree right? NOPE.

To mount one that works you’ll need to get high or use a pole that can swing up high using a bolt through the base that locks it in.

I have found a great website that shows you exactly how and exactly what you’ll need.

You couple that with some good advice from this website and your off to a great  start.

Finish up your findings and share at the bat house forum found here.

See I told you it was easy if you just know where to look!

New Orleans bats love high places!

You may or may not have to get high for this !

Don't be confused!

You can do it with some help - its really easy and all you can do is fail!

Its all for the bats!

You will enjoy watching your bats exit every evening and return in the morning

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