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Bat house installation and Bat removal  experts getting rid of bats from  residential and commercial buildings in the New Orleans area as well as Covington, Mandeville, Hammond and Slidell! If you want to purchase a bat house from a local guy - you’ll want to buy one here!

Experienced  Bat control experts!

Bats flying around

in your house!

Bats inside  or outside your home? We can help! Download our bat handbook!

Bats flying  out

of your house!

We sell and install bat houses!


Bats flying around in your home!

If you have bats flying around in your home, actually inside of it you should get rid of it immediately! You can safely remove a bat and here's how...

Since there is so much information about placing a coffee can against the wall and sliding a piece of cardboard I decided to go  a different route. My answer is Hire a professional. Rabies shots are expensive, and there are people who specialize in wildlife control, just  use your favorite search engine. If possible check to see if the lunatic your hiring is actually licensed to work in your state, this can be done by  simply asking your prospect who licenses them from the state and what the regulations are. If they can’t answer that one chances are they are NOT operating legally and although they may be able to help you - they may also rip you off!

It is important to hire an experienced person who is insured and legally allowed to operate a nuisance wildlife control business!

If you insist on removing it yourself at least wear gloves! Although helpful ninja moves are of little value here folks!

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